Quite simply, the 10 Campaign is asking governments in those nations where most chocolate is consumed to ensure that laws are passed to keep the chocolate industry accountable, ensuring that child labour, the Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) and Forced Adult Labour (FAL) are eliminated from the production of cocoa. You can read the more detailed and full demands we have here, but in a nutshell it boils down to the following.


We are calling on our politicans to put in place laws that 

  1. ensure accredited 3rd-party audited supply chain traceability of the cocoa supply chain
  2. ensure annual public disclose on the efforts, moneys spent, and impact achieved in remediating child labour, WFCL and FAL in the cocoa supply chain
  3. provide the possibilities for victims of WFCL or FAL to start legal proceedings against companies for importing, trading or processing cocoa which was supplied by the victim
  4. mandate the government to only buy cocoa products that are not made in whole or in part with the use of child labour, WFCL, and FAL.
  5. establish an oversight body that monitors and reports on the chocolate industry’s progress in implementing the above cited laws and regulations.

All of these legislative demands are to be implemented within ambitious and feasible timeframes, as agreed upon by the main stakeholders including civil society.

Besides these main asks of Government, there are also significant steps that can (and need to) be taken by others. Including you! 


In buying a product, you essentially endorse it and everything that went into producing it. Be careful what you endorse, as in the case of cocoa products it could mean endorsing egregious child labour. As a consumer you can ask your brand about their initiatives to eliminate the child and forced labour from their supply chain. Meanwhile, look for a certification label – Fairtrade Certified, Rainforest Certified, or Utz Certified – on your chocolate bar or cocoa product.


Besides complying to the legislative minimum standards required under the core Government asks above, the chocolate industry has the responsibility to 

  1. Engage product certification
  2. Actively implement steps to ensure human rights abuses are not involved in the sourcing of their cocoa
  3. Financially support implementation of Child Labour Monitoring Systems (CLMS)
  4. Set up a fund dedicated to implement the Protocol and to provide schooling and rehabilitation for victims of WFCL and FAL