Ferrero commits itself to 100% sustainable cacoa

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Ferrero announces its goal to source 100% sustainable cocoa by 2020. 10 campaign welcomes Ferrero’s statement of April 12th, where the chocolate company clearly and unequivocally states that they will eliminate all cases of the trafficking children, forced adult labour and other worst forms of child labour from their cocoa supply chain by 2020.

In doing so, Ferrero is the first global chocolate company to explicitly state they will fulfill the promise the chocolate industry made collectively in 2001 to eliminate the trafficking of children in their supply chain. Together with Mars, who have promised 100% certified chocolate by 2020, Ferrero is the only other chocolate company to have made comprehensive commitments towards their entiry cocoa supply chain.

This individual acceptance of responsibility, coupled with a commitment to report on progress each year, should be an example to the other major chocolate companies, such as Nestlé, Kraft/Cadbury, and Hersheys, to follow suit.

However, Ferrero has not yet committed to on-product communication to consumers at the point of purchase, an essential step that they will still need to make. Only when a chocolate bar is communicating on the wrapper that the product is Traffik Free can consumers actually make an informed choice.

10 campaign will continue to campaign for the chocolate industry to fulfil its commitment to eliminate trafficking in West Africa’s cocoa industry, and demand that they deliver slave free chocolate to consumers.

2020 is still a long way away, and 10 campaign will be monitoring Ferrero’s progress in achieving this promise. In response to Ferrero’s statement 10 campaign believe it is a good first step, and a sweet deal for the children currently doing backbreaking work in West Africa’s cocoa farms.

To read the press release of Ferrero, click HERE